The Friday Market Fish Pack

By Clair Atlantic Trading Pte Ltd

It’s not always easy to choose a fresh fish when you don’t see it or even feel it. Some other times the fish in store doesn’t look good because it has been there for a while. Due to the season, the weather, the fishing methods, the fresh fish supply is also full of uncertainty.

So why not leaving that task to us, your French seafood specialist in Singapore. We have a dedicated team sourcing our fresh fish directly in France. Our fish list: Plaice, Turbot, John Dory, Sole, Rock fish, Monkfish, Ocean Trout, Dorade, Cod, Seabass, Lemonsole, Salmon and more.

Our Fish Pack is a fixed 190$ pack worth of fresh and premium fish from the Atlantic Ocean. You pick which Friday you want it to be delivered. We will do the rest. We will send you a notification the previous Wednesday with the fish identity and exact weight so you can plan recipes. Each pack weigh between 1,5kg and 3kg, depends on the fish type. It’s up to 8 portions. Cook fresh and healthy for your family!

Carefully filled with ice, in sealed isothermal box, your Fish Pack will be shipped from France straight to Singapore then to your home on Friday afternoon. Our specialists always select the freshest seasonal fish at the fishery port and ship to us when you need it. Absolutely no food wastage in Singapore.






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How to order this pack?

You can find the pack in our shop under Fresh Fish. At the check out, please indicate which Friday you would like to be delivered in the comments section. You can still email us if any changes. Our team will also contact you as soon as your order is placed to arrange the delivery date if no information was provided.

Where is the fish from exactly?

From the Atlantic Ocean. In collaboration with our fishmongers in France, our team will select the freshest fish in the market, pack it in ice and ship it to you. We do our best to ensure that the fishing methods are respectuous to the environment, avoiding bycatch and overfishing.

When is the fish selected?

Our team and fishmongers will select the fish based on the latest catch of the day before our flight departs, which is Tuesday and based on the quality of the supply.