The highest quality of Beluga caviar is called Almas, which means “diamond” in Russian. It is sold only by London’s Caviar House and is packaged in a round, 24 karat gold box, costing around 40,000 euros per kilo.

How to serve, preserve and present caviar on your table

Air is caviar’s largest enemy. Ideally, it is best to purchase caviar in smaller containers, in increments that will be consumed in a single setting. But if you have purchased more than you are serving, the remaining should be softly spread flat, taking care not to break any of the eggs and then covered with plastic wrap pressing down ever so gently on the top so no air space remains between the eggs and the cover. The remaining caviar should be consumed within the next 2-3 days.

It is usually not recommended to transfer the eggs from the tin to a serving dish because they may break unless extensive care is taken while doing so. Silver and metal bowls and utensils should be avoided due to oxidation, which may impart a metallic taste to the caviar. The best choices are servers and utensils made of glass, bone, or to be truly traditional, mother-of-pearl, or gold.

Caviar should be definitely served chilled but not frozen or warm. Never keep it at room temperature, it may cause the collapse of the true taste and aroma. A bed of crushed ice caviar should be served on will help you to store it at the right temperature and, as a result, to be able to enjoy the real taste of the Queen of feasts. Traditionally, it is considered incorrect, or even rude, to take large portions of caviar at a single time. Taking small bites will guarantee you an explosion of a gentle flavor bouquet.

The most expensive way to serve caviar is to put it on oysters.

Caviar is often presented on lightly buttered or dry toasts, and unsalted crackers, blinis or bread.

There are some traditional garnishes for caviar: sour cream, fresh herbs, chopped onions and crumbled hard-boiled eggs. Trying them as the addition to the fish eggs can improve your caviar-eating experience.

The most unexpected product you can present with caviar is white chocolate. The thin round pieces of sweet dessert are a kind of bed for caviar, which is, embellishing a dish, laying on the top of chocolate, and looks like a small blackberry.

Fine caviar should be served alone

The true caviar gourmets believe that the best way to eat and serve the fish eggs is without any additions, simply caviar and that is all.